PT Timer : Troubleshoot

Known issues

We are working to fix the known issues. In the meanwhile, we may have some workarounds that can alleviate the problems. Don't hesitate to email support (from the MORE tab) to get help.

Voice prompts "going crazy"

In some cases, especially when playing through a list of exercises, the voice prompts may suddenly appear much more quickly, and seemingly randomly. They may even continue briefly after you end the workout.

Try this workaround:

  1. Go to the MORE tab, select LANGUAGE & VOICES, then turn off LET LEE SPEAK THE MAIN CUES. This will cause another voice to be used for spoken cues.
  2. Go to the CONFIG tab, select OVERRIDES at the top, scroll to AUDIO CUES, tap on CUE SCHEME, and select SPOKEN. This will cause cues to be given by spoken prompts rather than by tones.