PT Timer: Status and plans

The information provided is given to the best of our knowledge; plans cannot be guaranteed in any way and may need to be modified.

Last updated: 2019.06.18

PT Timer version 3

Many of our customers have been using PT Timer since version 1.0 was released 8 years ago. The previous version, v2.2, served well for a long time, but started to show its age. With the latests versions of iOS certain features no longer worked in v2.2, and it was important to release version 3 as soon as possible to ensure that all users have access to the most important functionality.

Version 3.0

We are thrilled that PT Timer 3.0 now has been released! It was rewritten from the ground up, provides exciting new features, and was designed for many additional features that are planned for future releases.

Basic functionality

In the interest of a faster release, some functionality from v2.2 is not available in the initial v3.0 release. This includes tracking graphs and reports, sharing exercises to other users, and running in the background. Rest assured that the data required for tracking is still being logged and will be made available for you to view in a subsequent update.

Version 3.1 through 3.5

Feature parity

As we work towards version 3.5 we intend to bring back the features from v2.2 that are still meaningful. Some of the features no longer supported are simply obsolete, because they have been replaced by newer technology, but other features are still meaningful. We will listen to your feedback on version 3, and continue to add new and missing features.


We anticipate to make version 3 of PT Timer available for Android devices, but at this time we cannot give any timeframe for a version for Android.