PT Timer: Counting and timing for physical therapy

You setup all your own exercises— exactly to your needs. Provides timing, counting, scheduling and reports. 

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PT Timer is available for iOS (iPhone and iPad) 

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Testimonials from the App Store

A superb app

"This is one of the finest apps I’ve ever used. Everything is customisable so that your physiotherapy or fitness programme is exactly to your needs and style."

This app has improved my life

"I’ve been using this app everyday in my recovery from a serious car accident. At first it helped me keep everything organized during a scary time. Now it helps me manage pain long term."

Perfect Companion!

"Worth every penny; the new version is (approaching) perfection. Stretch with this app after every run, ride, sore back. Build timed core / lifting / zoomba / geometry circuits, interval training regimens, etc."

Thank you!

"This is a great app— thank you! It’s really helped me keep up my PT on my own after my insurance stopped covering my PT appointments."

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PT Timer app for Android?

We anticipate to make PT Timer available for Android devices, but at this time we cannot give any timeframe for an Android version.

PDF reports with exercise progess

When you complete an exercise, indicate level of difficulty and make note of any issues or questions. Then save the report or email it directly to your physical therapist.

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After a free trial, full functionality requires a paid subscription. Prices vary by country. In the US, as little as 40 cents per month (with a 1 year subscription) or $1 for just one month.

Subscriptions can only be purchased in-app with your iOS device.

Our pricing philosophy

With version 3 we changed to a new price model: subscriptions. It was a very difficult decision to move away from the old model of “pay little and only once”. For almost 10 years we’ve enjoyed emails from users who found PT Timer essential to their physical recovery, and the joy from reading those emails was a substantial part of the overall reward of providing this app. Unfortunately, that model is not sustainable because we don’t feed on joy alone. It has taken time, lots of time, to develop PT Timer to where it is now, and it will continue to take time to provide customer support and to continue development.

We have two goals with the new pricing:

  • Ensure that PT Timer is inexpensive enough that the price is not a barrier for those people who can really benefit from PT Timer in their recovery.
  • Earn just enough to ensure sustainable continued development and support of PT Timer.

  • We hope the new pricing has struck the right balance and that we can reach both these goals.

    Version 3 status and plans

    The information provided here about status and plans is given to the best of our knowledge; plans cannot be guaranteed in any way and may need to be modified.

    Many of our customers have been using PT Timer since version 1.0 was released in 2011. The previous version, v2.2, served well for a long time, but started to show its age. With the latests versions of iOS certain features no longer worked in v2.2, and it was important to release version 3 as soon as possible to ensure that all users have access to the most important functionality.

    Version 3.0 was rewritten from the ground up, provides exciting new features, and was designed for many additional features planned for future releases.

    In the interest of a faster release, some functionality from v2.2 was omitted from v3.0. With the release of v3.3 almost all functionality from v2.2 has been brought back, with the exception of sharing of exercises between users. We are working to bring back that feature as well.

    As we work towards version 3.5 we intend to bring back the features from v2.2 that are still meaningful. Some of the features no longer supported are simply obsolete, because they have been replaced by newer technology, but other features are still meaningful. We are listening to your feedback on version 3, and continue to add new features and improvements.

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